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  1. booboo123
    Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:29 pm
    Message by booboo123 - Dmg Hacker

    Recently, i've found this arrogant person xArchAngel in parca hitting me over 100k dmg with his duals, so i talked to him and asked for pvp:


    00:12, 00:25

    and as shown in the video, during that pvp he hit me 3-4 times over 100k dmg which 'KBed' me cuz it was so high dmg.

    I request a permanant ban/IP ban for this person and hope for added protection to prevent further hacks.

    I didn't post in hackers section cuz i dont want my name to be seen and allowing him to attempt any hacks on my acc.https://youtu.be/Djom6TTvbnw



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